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Friday, April 1, 2011

Matt & Brooke Wedding -Beach- Part 2

I posted last week their pictures from the Newport Beach Temple... soo here is the rest of their happy wedding day! It was a perfect way to end the day, pictures at the beach! They honestly are the hottest couple, dontcha think?! One lady came up to us shortly after getting their and the lady thought they were models just doing a photo-shoot.. she was shocked that they actually had just gotten married & then another little girl came by to tell Brooke she looked so pretty! The public was loving them and I couldn't complain either.. it made my job extremely easy!



  1. Love them!!! You are an amazing photographer Linds! :) Wish we could have made it over there when you were there. Looks like we'll be there beginning of May. :(

  2. Ummmm..


    I am speechless. The photo with the pink edit with them walking towards each other. AMAZing!!!!


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