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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Where to Print?

in my opinion..
[photo courtesy of gettyimages]

Ok so I am not the best at printing all of my pictures.. that would get a little overwhelming & expen$ive! But when I do print I like to print at Walgreen's.. I always upload my pictures on their website and send them straight to the store so there is no waiting involved (the hr for pick up or the line to use the machine & go through your pictures) **It will save time if you just upload them on their website and send them straight to the store!** (many sites have this option) Walgreen's is just convenient for me to run in and out of and I think they print well! If they ever mess up on your prints don't be afraid to ask them to reprint- they are really good about it!
[good for small prints up to 8x10's]

Costco- another good one for prices! (You will have to have a membership or know someone who does) I have personally not seen how their prints come out due to the fact that we don't have a Costco near by.. (wished I lived in a city again for all those conveniences) but they do have good prices & I have sent some of my work for a friend and I'm pretty sure she said they turned out good!..
I would especially recommend them for printing larger size prints... they do large prints in just an hour! (You will have to check the largest print they will go in an hour but I thought it was a pretty decent size- or comment on here if you know) Walgreen's however does not print larger prints in an hour-they will ship them to you and I have done that before and I probably would not recommend it- since they roll it up and send in a hard case.. just my preference to not have the print rolled up..
[I'd definitely recommend their printing for larger prints - just for good prices!]

I do not like printing from home printers- My dad has done it & I just don't think they look all that great & this video below goes into more details about another down fall.

Check out this link

Hope this was helpful!

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