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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Friday's Film

ok.. so it's kinda late. I kinda forgot.. i'm not even sure if anyone even looks at this blog!?
{feel free to leave comments.. it makes me feel like someone out there is half-way interested}
Friday's Film is a flash mob! These are possibly the funnest things to youtube. My husband seems to find fun youtubes so we watched flash mobs for forever one night. a while, while back. and since i forgot about finding a film for the week this will do!

we were...

{this close}
to going and seeing a flashmob. apparently they had one downtown LA at the grove with Jlo performing..
could have been cool to see.. might have been lame? but we didn't make it.
anyways go youtube flashmobs if you haven't already
i'll list a couple to go get you started:
Human Mirror
Ohio Union
Michael Jackson
seriously though, how cool would it be if you were just out and about in your own little world doing your thing
and all of a sudden people start bustin out into a flashmob!
i'm pretty sure it would make my day!


  1. i read your blog. :)

    i used to read your personal blog too. (you have such great style!) if you're still private... do you mind if i join?

    love your photography! come spring... i'd love to schedule something with you if you're still in rexburg. (i live in idaho falls.)


    keep the posts coming!

  2. i almost forgot...

    i'd LOVE to be a part of a flash mob! how cool would that be?

    my sis and i youtube flash mob dances a lot.

    my hubs thinks i'm nuts.

    did you ever see the modern family episode with the flashmob? awesome.

  3. Thanks Sheena you made my day!.. sending over the invite now!

  4. I love this one. I follow your blog too. I am a photographer in the area and it probably seems odd for a fellow photographer to follow the blog of another local competitor but your work is really good. I have seen this flash mob you tube video before but it was still fun to watch again.

  5. shannon, not odd at all! I'll have to add you to list of blogs I hop onto!


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